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Free Romance Stories
Love Ends too Soon


I met Robert quite by accident, fate, or was guided by God since He knew we needed each other. Of all places to meet it was by internet. We started out just simply being penpals and enjoyed talking about our children and how they seem to go out of their way to shock us! We emailed each other at LEAST 5-10 times a day. We learned everything about each other and he knew I was going thru a lot of marital problems and was struggling to just keep mine and my two daughters heads above water.

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While Robert and I were penpals I got really attached to his three sons, he got really attached to my daughters. Robert had lost his wife and two of his children just four years before we started writing each other. I knew I had fallen for Robert after just a few months, even though we were seperated by so many miles it seemed as if he was with me. One day he wrote me to tell me that his middle son that was only 10 yrs old had been rushed to the hospital for heart failure, I was hysterical, Joe felt like my own child. Joe passed away that night. Robert was so grief stricken that no one could talk to him. I sent him an email with my phone number and he called me and we talked forever. He told me that there was no one else that could have been more understanding and that he knew I could comfort him. How was I to know that within a month my love would fight for his life. He had hid the fact that he was going into the hospital to have bypass surgery until just a few days before he was scheduled to have it done. I knew that I loved him so deeply, but hadn't had the nerve to tell him. Neither had he had the nerve to tell me. He had been planning though to tell me after he was out of the hospital and had even looked into moving to the states to live. Just a very few days before he was scheduled to go into the hospital for surgery he had a massive heart attack. He died just a couple of days later. His mom and best friend wanted me to write a eulogy to be read at his funeral and it was the most heart breaking thing I've ever had to do. I told him in it how much I loved him;

"Sleep well dearest Robert, you are home dear heart. You are with Stephie and your children, be happy my dearest Robert. I will forever love you, please know that you'll forever be in my heart, my mind, and my love for you is eternal. "I'm still in contact with his family and his best friend and his wife. Robert's mom looks at me as the woman Robert wanted to spend his life with.

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After his death he had already made last letters for all of us and I finally found that if he had only had a chance that he had planned on telling me just how much he loved me and would do so forever.


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