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Romantic Quotes


It's funny how big of
an impact you have on me.
It's like when I see you,
you don't even have to speak...
all you can do is smile,
and it can make my day,
and then that's how
I remember my reasons for loving you.

I ran up the door,
closed the stairs,
said my pajamas,
and put on my prayers.
Turned off the bed,
and hopped into the light,
all because you kissed me good night

You know it's love when
he tells you that you look
gorgeous first thing in the morning;
after a hard night out!

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If I had a wish...
I would wish for you
to be the first thing I see
in the morning right after I open my eyes,
the only person to think
about throughout the day,
and the last face to eye
just before I fall asleep in the night..
Then dreams would become superfluous, because my life would be completely blessed...

You're the only one who
can leave me completely
breathless even when theres
nothing but silence between us.
It's like I can lay beside you
and we not say a single word
and still I have the best time.

You neither love the person you want to be with,
nor the person you cannot live without;
you truly and deeply fall in love with the person
with whom you cannot be with
and at the same time you cannot be without.

How do you know if he really loves you?
It's when you scream, and he calms you.
When you slap him, and he kisses you.
When you cry, and he hugs you.
When you tell him you hate him,
and he tells you he loves you.

The more connections you and your lover make,
not just between your bodies,
but between your minds, your hearts, and your souls,
the more you will strengthen the
fabric of your relationship, and
the more real moments you will experience together...

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True love is found where we cannot
accept the one we love to be absent in our lives.

You can never really get over some one
because after you fall in love with them,
they will always be a part of you, the best part.

Love is when your puppy licks your face
even after you left him alone all day.

Every girl wants to find the one
She can be herself infront of.
The one she can say anything to.
The one she can laugh, smile, and cry with.
The one she can lay with,
and she can fight with.
And at the end of the night,
He's still crazy about her...

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