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Romantic Love Quotes


In a relationship.
The times that I remember the most.
Are the times when I was with my girlfriend
in the spirit of love.
Not in the feeling of lust..

My beloved is mine and I am his.

when he hugs me tight...
I feel like he's trying
to make our hearts touch...

It's been said that
you only truly fall in love once,
but I don't believe it.
Every time I see you,
I fall in love all over again.

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When I first met you,
I never thought you'd be the one
who would give me the feeling
that everything is right when your around,
or that feeling that makes me lose
my words everytime you smile at me.
I never expected you to be the one
who I'd be thinking about each day,
or the one who'd I always
look forward to seeing the next day.
I've tried my hardest to fight these feelings...
but I can't. I just can't.
Because what I've realized
is that out of everyone
I've met in this world,
you are the only one who can
give me these feelings everyday.
And I'm hoping that some day
or even just for a second,
that I can give these exact same feelings to you,
so I could mean this much to you...
as you have meant to me each day.

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.

You know when you have found your prince
because you not only have a smile
on your face but in your heart as well.

Love is just a word until someone
you meet gives it a proper meaning.

I want to be the smile..
the first thought..
the last voice..
the random call..
the laugh..
the perfect kiss..
your second half..
the sparkle in your eye..
the everything you need..
just what you want;
I want to be your perfection.

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Bound by the earth and forest.
So to the water and sea.
By the air we breath and the fire within,
connected to the stones of old in perfect circle.
We two are as one.
Together forever, in love.

If asked why I love her I would say
It’s the sway in her hips,
the thickness in her thighs.
It’s the lust in her lips,
the love in her eyes.
It’s the softness of her skin,
the silk in her hair.
It’s the twist in her walk;
it’s the sweetness in her talk.
It’s the way she loves me
that makes me love her each day.
That is what I would say.

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