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Short Motivational Quotes


I sought my God and my God I could not find.
I sought my soul and my soul eluded me.
I sought my brother to serve him in his need,
and I found all three
- my God, my soul, and thee.
- Unknown

If you tell the truth,
you don't have to remember anything.
- Mark Twain

Education is nothing more,
nor less, than learning to think!
- Peter Facione

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An educated mind is useless
without a focussed will
and dangerous without a loving heart.
- Winfried Deijmann

Money doesn't bring happiness and creativity.
Your creativity and happiness brings money.
- Sam Rosen

Man has no body distinct from his soul;
for that called body is a portion of soul
discerned by the five senses,
the chief inlets of soul in this age.
- William Blake

Those who enter the gates of heaven
are not beings who have no passions
or who have curbed the passions,
but those who have cultivated
an understanding of them.
- William Blake

Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me and I'll remember.
Involve me and I'll understand.
- Confucius

Opinions founded on prejudice
are always defended
with the greatest violence.
- Hebrew proverb

What luck for the rulers that men do not think.
- Adolph Hitler

Injustice anywhere is
a threat to justice everywhere.
- Martin Luther King

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It's never too late to be
what you might have been.
- George Elliot

Life's like a movie;
write your own ending,
keep believing,
keep pretending...
- Jim Henson

If the doors of perception were cleansed,
every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.
- William Blake

We can have peace if we let go
of wanting to change the past
and wanting to control the future.
- Lester Levinson

We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.
- Winston Churchill


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