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Short Love Phrases


Love puts the fun in together,
the sad in apart,
and the joy in a heart.

Trip over love, you can get up.
Fall in love and you fall forever.

To love and be loved is to
feel the sun from both sides.

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.

Love fails, only when we fail to love.

The moment may only last a few seconds...
but the memories of it will last a lifetime....

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Love is giving someone the
ability to hurt you but
trusting them enough not to!

Where there is great love,
there are always miracles.

Memories are the best souvenirs.

Stupid men are the only ones
worth knowing, after all.

Marriages are made in heaven
and are consummated on earth.

It's not the distance that counts, it's the love.

Who travels for love finds a
thousand miles not longer than one.

Dont you love it when someone
can make you laugh when
you dont even wanna smile..

Come live in my heart,
and pay no rent.

I cry every day and night and
all i want is for you to tell me that it will be alright...

Let's flip a coin.
Heads, i'm yours.
Tails, you're mine.

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I made a wish
and *you* came true.

A heart that hurts,
Is a heart in love.

You never stop loving someone,
you just learn to live without them

I've fallen in love many times...
always with you.

What I need to live has been
given to me by the earth.
Why I need to live has been
given to me by you.

Having a good boyfriend
is like having a good bra,
its all about support!

Love alone matters.

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