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True Love Quotes And Sayings


I never knew what love was until I met you,
then when distance pulled us apart,
I found out what true love is.

The purity and trueness of love
through an Internet relationship
far passes that of one
based on physical contact.

Time may take us apart, that's true,
but I will always be there for you.
You're in my heart, you'll be in my dreams,
no matter the miles between.

In true love the smallest distance is too great,
and the greatest distance can be bridged.

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Love is 3/4 dream and 1/4 reality.
Problems usually arise
when you fall in love with the dream
and not the reality.
But, yet you find true love
when you fall in love with both.

Every Love gone wrong is
one step closer to your one true love

When I found you,
I felt as if my heart found its destination.

Passion' a word which
involves so many feelings;
I feel it when we touch,
I feel it when we kiss,
I feel it when I look at you.
For you are my passion,
my one true love.

Be true to love,
and love will be true to you.

When you say "never",
I'll say "lie".
When you say "always",
I'll say "true".
When you say "love",
I'll say "you".

The first time my heart was broken
I thought I was through;
I swore I'd never love again
and believe me this was true,
but when you walked into my life
the second your eyes met mine,
I knew you were worth loving,
just like before,
just like the first time.

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A true lover
always feels in debt
to the one he loves.

True love is magical.
You've casted a spell over me,
and no matter how hard I try,
I can never seem to love anyone but you.

No matter how many times
I try and move on,
my heart always takes me back here to you

True love never dies as we see in our eyes,
only when we let go that we can truly say goodbye.

An eternity is forever,
and forever with you
would be a dream come true.

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