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Quotes About True Love


True love lasts a lifetime.

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

I love you not because I need you,
But I need you because I love you.

When I First Saw You
I Was Afraid To Talk To You,
When I First Talked To You
I Was Afraid To Like You,
When I First Liked You
I Was Afraid To Love You,
Now That I Love You
I'm Afraid To Lose You

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When we get close,
I want you to know that
I get all weak and want to hold you forever.

You never truly love
a person until the mere
thought of you hurting
that loved one is enough
to break your own heart

They say that time will dry the tears...
but true love burns for a thousand years...

Guys are like stars,
there are millions out there,
but only one can make
your dreams come true.

When you look into their eyes
and you see the sun,
then you know it's the ONE.

You know you truly love someone
when everyday you meet is
like the first time you fall in love.

When there are lines upon my face
from a lifetime of smiles,
when the time comes to embrace
for one long last while,
we can laugh about how time really flies,
we won't say goodbye,
cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You don't marry someone
you can live with
- you marry the person
who you cannot live without.

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However rare true love may be,
it is less so than true friendship.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other,
but in looking together in the same direction.

Love means never having to say you are sorry.

Now that I have loved so purely and deeply,
I have realized how lonely I really am.

I love the sun for days,
the moon for nights and you forever.

If you love me as I love you,
nothing but death can part us two.

Close together or far apart,
you're forever in my heart.

More True Love Quotes  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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