Aries Astrology Love Compatibility

You’re passionate by nature and the opposite sex just love that sexy energy of yours. You’re also flirtatious, even with girls/boys who are just mates and you love the thrill of a chase – until you think things are getting too heavy. Love is a drug for you and once you’ve experienced the rush new love can give, you want to experience it again and again. You don’t give your heart away easily, but when you do, you can become rather power-mad and expect a lot from your guy/girl.

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Aries Perfect Partner

You need someone who has as much energy, enthusiasm, and passion as you have, so Sagittarian, Leo, and fellow Aries are your best bets. But just like you these signs love a good flirt, so you’ll have to watch that jealous streak. Remember you can’t get mad over things you do yourself.


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Other Interesting points to note for Aries

Planet: Mars

Color: Red

Gemstone: Diamond

Metal: Iron

Flower: Honeysuckle

Animal: Ram

Herb: Garlic

Cities: Florence, Tokyo & Seattle

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