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The Whirling Soccer Ball

Whirling Soccer Ball I am the whirling soccer ball and very much omnipotent I wonder my path, my final destination I hear the song of the cool, brisk air hovering over my patched material I see the barbarians on a war front of a field, battling [...]

Up to You

Up to You Up to You Up to you is an Original Poem by the Authors of Inspirational Lane One song can spark a moment One flower can wake the dream. One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile can bring [...]

Declaration of Love Poem

Sweet Love Poems Sweet Love Poems - A Declaration of Love Darling, I love you Each and every day How I long to feel your touch In every single way You're the sun that brings warmth to me You're my laughter in the wind I love [...]

Thanksgiving Prayer

Not only today, but every day of the year, We need to give thanks for all the blessings so near. Some days it may not seem very clear, But, God has given us much to be thankful for here. The fresh air we breath. A land [...]

Only in My Dreams

Only in my dreams Are you ever smiling at me And only in my dreams Will you and I ever be Only in my dreams Will we ever watch the sunrise And only in my dreams Will I ever see that love in your eyes If [...]

About Life

Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated, [...]

A Time to Believe

To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning. It is to trust that miracles do happen, and dreams really do come true. (Related Page - Inspiring Short Stories ) To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds, to know the [...]

The Gift

To pull the metal splinter from my palm my father recited a story in a low voice. I watched his lovely face and not the blade. Before the story ended, he'd removed the iron sliver I thought I'd die from. (Related Page - Daily Inspirational Quotes) [...]

Poems About God

Poems About God Poems About God Sometimes we so easily forget, How unpredictable our lives may be, We make plans for our tomorrows and our futures, Not realizing they could change instantly, Then one day, you wake up, and it happens, Something occurs that's not at [...]

The Treasure in You

There are treasures in life, but owners are few Of money and power to buy things brand new. Yet you can be wealthy and feel regal too, If you will just look for the treasures in you. (Related Page - Motivational Short Stories) These treasures in [...]