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Christmas Carol Poem

So now is come our joyful feast, Let every man be jolly; Each room with ivy leaves is dressed, And every post with holly. Though some churls at our mirth repine, Round your foreheads garlands twine, Drown sorrow in a cup of wine, And let us [...]

The Promise Christmas Poem

I will never forget that morning, A cold inconsequential day, Before the pale reluctant sun Had peered across the frosted land. The weary early morning rise Another day of pointless toil Another journey, another time Bearing the burden on my back Until the calm of blessed [...]

Hymn to Albaro

The verdant country side rambles up the mountain pedestal. I feel the tingle of skin in light wind whispers, hear each instrument in the symphony of birds gathered together. In this stillness A shovel breaks earth. I hear the crunch And scrape of rocks. (Related Page [...]

My Mother’s Hair Poem

One of your hairs fell out last night: A piece of your life was gone without a sound. I know a difficult day is coming, My heart, pierced, utters a quiet cry. Let my childhood smile againin the sun And turn me into an innocent little [...]

50 Yard Dash Poem

As I look out to see A deep blue twilight of the sea The cool soothing texture of the water Preparing for the evening slaughter (Related Page - Basketball Quotes) Upon the top, I perish to the deep Ripe red spots, like apples in a sleep [...]

Football Champion Poem

Football is a champion's sport, The smell of fall is in the air, You walk onto the field and see them looking down at you, The feeling is indescribable, The smallest player on the field, (Related Page - Inspirational Football Quotes) Yet, you may have the [...]

Funny Christmas Wacky Carols

Evil knight, wholly night, Vests his dough in a young nerd bright. Even so, the malevolent childe Loses his shirt in a downturn mild, Yielding sword and piece. Now we will never have peace. (Related Page - Funny Inspirational Quotes) Angels often herd on high, Nodding [...]

Heaven at Last

Angel voices sweetly singing, Echoes through the blue dome ringing, News of wondrous gladness bringing... Ah, 'tis heaven at last! Now beneath us all the grieving, All the wounded spirit's heaving, All the woe of hopes deceiving... Ah 'tis heaven at last! Sin for ever left [...]

Only in My Dreams

Only in my dreams Are you ever smiling at me And only in my dreams Will you and I ever be Only in my dreams Will we ever watch the sunrise And only in my dreams Will I ever see that love in your eyes If [...]

About Life

Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated, [...]