Sweet Love Poems

Sweet Love Poems – A Declaration of Love

Darling, I love you
Each and every day
How I long to feel your touch
In every single way
You’re the sun that brings warmth to me
You’re my laughter in the wind
I love the way you look at me
With that twinkle in your eye
It’s times like those I cherish most
Whenever you’re away

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Sweetheart, I care for you
In every single way
I care about the day you’ve had
Whether good or bad
I long to one day wait for you
In the shelter of our own home
I’ll cook for you, I’ll clean for you
I’ll love you with my heart
To be away is so hard
Sometimes I want to cry

Baby, I long for you
I long to make your bed
I long to be with you at all times
Day and night by you
I want to raise your children
I want to live with you
You make me smile, you make me laugh
Sometimes you make me scream
But when I think about it hard
I know you feel the same

My love, I hurt for you
I hate to see you sad
I long to hold you in my arms
When the world makes you mad
I want to be the one you hold
When everything goes wrong
I want to help, I want to love
Please don’t leave, just stay
I love your son, I love your dad
I love your silly self

Sweet Love Poems

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Sweetie, I ache for you
When I can’t hold you close
I love the simple little ways
In which you show me love,
I feel so special in your arms
I feel like I belong
Don’t ever leave me, always stay
I’ll die with you, my love

Honey, I love you
It grows stronger every day
My love will never fade away
Nor will this strong desire
I desire to love you, live and die
With you, my dear, my love, my sweet
Honey, I love you so much

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