Leo Astrology Love Compatibility

Your Leo Astrology Love Compatibility says that because your ruling planet is the sun, you have a warm, bright, fun-loving personality. You also have a fabulous way of lighting up the lives of everyone around you. As all your friends will tell you, you’re a total extrovert, the ultimate party animal, who always speak your mind – although at times you can be too bossy for your own good. In love, you’re very physical – you love holding hands, kissing and hugging. Because you’re so passionate and you want people to worship you as a goddess, but you are often disappointed. Mere mortal people find it hard to keep up with your demands for adoration.

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Leo Perfect Partner

Leos tend to go for guys who are as feisty and passionate as themselves – someone who’s energetic, adventurous and romantic. In which case, fellow Leos, Sagittarian or Aries are the ones for you. A Capricorn might also be a good bet – he’ll take care of you in the style you expect.

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Other Interesting points to note for Leo

Planet: The Sun

Color: Orange

Gemstone: Ruby

Metal: Gold

Flower: Sunflower

Animal: Big cats

Herb: Chamomile

Cities: Prague, Bombay & Dallas

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