Pisces Astrology Love Compatibility

Inspirational Lane Pisces astrology love compatibility says you are loving, romantic and sentimental but you tend to view the world through rose-tinted glasses, especially when you’re in love. You make a great best buddy because you are always willing to help a friend in need, but this sometimes means you end up neglecting yourself – and you rarely ask for help even when you’re desperate. You tend to underestimate yourself, too, but will usually excel in everything you set your mind to. You’re also one of those annoying people who say they didn’t do very well in an exam and end up getting 95%.

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Pisces Perfect Partner

If you’re a typical Piscean, your best bet for romance is with either a Cancer, Scorpio or fellow Piscean. These signs are easy to get on with, ultra-romantic, good kissers, fun, imaginative and love devoting every moment of their time with you.

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Other Interesting points to note for Pisces

Planet: Neptune

Color: Sea Green

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Metal: Platinum

Flower: Water lily

Animal: Dolphin

Herb: Rose

Cities: Miami & Surfers Paradise

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