Republican Says USA Has Gone Crazy

Well, the USA has gone crazy with the riots this last week. Don’t you for one minute think any of that was spontaneous or about black lives matter. Fourteen people have recently been killed, including seven black people, including two policemen and a policewoman. The cop in St. Louis was, for all reasoning, assassinated with a shot to the back of the head. To make it worse, people stood around watching, giving no assistance while he died. I can’t think of anything more heinous or barbaric. I don’t care if some of the protesters are legitimate and peaceful. They’re all out there with a lot of thugs, and the peaceful protesters are doing nothing to help stop the violent ones.

It’s no longer about rights or justice if it ever was. It’s a well-orchestrated insurrection intending to bring down the Trump presidency, but more than that, our very Constitution. These people are lawless thugs, following the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals trying to create chaos for the government to take more control of our lives and turn us into a socialist state. That’s what it’s all about.

Republican Says USA Has Gone Crazy

They burn a church across from the White House. Trump walks over there with his cabinet and holds up a Bible to show solidarity with the church. Did you hear the woman reporter’s question? What’s that book you’re holding? Duh! The president says it’s a Bible. She says, Where did you get it? He says, “From the White House.” Do you think? The liberal media plus the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU all went ballistic. It’s not proper. He shouldn’t have carried a Bible. They attacked the protesters to clear the streets. They didn’t, they just kind of slowly walked them away. It was the same church that Clinton walked out after his impeachment. He held up a Bible also, but nobody complained then. The liberal media has sunk so low there will never be a road back to honesty and trustworthy journalism for them.

Did you notice the most significant thing about it all? And the most hypocritical? There hasn’t been an article on the news about the COVID virus all week long. Today, it has almost forgotten unless you are a churchgoer. Pelosi or somebody came up with a letter supposedly signed by 1200 medical experts that said it was okay for the mobs not to social distance because they couldn’t spread the virus. However, churches, stadiums, and other gathering places still require them. They might cause a second wave. Yeah, right.

Did you see the latest on the second wave that all the leftists have been predicting for the Fall? Doctors are now saying the virus is mutating and getting weaker. The cases they are seeing are not as severe anymore. In New York, on Thursday, they had zero deaths from COVID, the first time since the beginning of March. It sounds pretty much like the pandemic is coming to an end before we even have a vaccine. What are we going to do? How can we get well without a vaccine? I guess we have to stay under quarantine until after the election in November.

Republican Says USA Has Gone Crazy

That’s what this was all about anyway. The Democrats were trying to do something, anything to destroy Trump’s economy and ruin his chances for re-election. Why do you think so many “experts” were afraid that opening the economy too fast would be dangerous and cause more people to die? Because they were afraid of what just happened. Had nothing to do with health, it had to do with the election. Two and a half million people went back to work last month. The unemployment rate which the liberal media spurts were predicting was going to climb to 20% with another 7.5 million people out of work, dropped 1.4 percent, the most significant one month drop in history. The economy is cranking up everywhere except in States with Democrat governors who are still trying to hold it down.

Does anybody that thinks for themselves not see what’s going on? It makes me ill when family or friends of mine say they’re going to vote the Democrat ticket because it’s the lesser of two evils. Do you think for one minute the party that booed God in 2012, you know, the one that is for no restrictions on abortions? The party that cheered in New York when they made it legal to the moment of birth. The group that has done nothing for three years but obstruct, hold down the economy, play race cards, and try at every level to get Trump removed from office with lies and slander is the lesser of two evils? Do you think for one minute that the Democrat party cares about you?

They are socialists to the core. Creepy Joe Biden can’t keep his hands off women any more than Bill Clinton could, and he can’t put two sentences together without stumbling because he’s senile. He’s pandering to the far left, so now that moderate Democrats like Civil Rights lawyer Leo Terrell, and others, are questioning the intelligence of the party. Do you mean that’s the best the Democrats could get? That is a party devoid of any intellectual honesty or decency.

Republican Says USA Has Gone Crazy

And now in response to the rioters, Democrat mayors across the country with Biden’s supporters are calling for a reduction in police funding. Minneapolis, where it all started, wants to disband the police force. Sure. Who are you going to call when they break into the governor’s mansion? You might also have noticed that the worst incidents of violence and looting have taken place in cities with Democrat mayors.

And then I was in internet conversations this week with some graduates at Silver State Christian School where I taught history many years ago, and they’ve all rejected American History and the Constitution for the revisionist, racist view of our history. I’ve had these discussions before, but it had been a while, but I keep wondering how did we go so wrong teaching that they would fall for this liberal anti-American claptrap. When Christians, who should know better, start falling for the Black Liberation Theology garbage, not only will their history be wrong, so will their theology.

Then what’s the hope for America’s future? Turn us into a communist state. You won’t even have a liberal church to attend. I had a guy who was so anti-gun that he told me that he wouldn’t send his kid to a school that did anti-shooter drills, implying that I was a bad parent if I did. I told him I wouldn’t send my kid to a school that didn’t have some kind of security system to prevent shooters from getting into the school. It’s common sense, but we’ve got Christian people, the ones who used to be known for their common sense, who have so bought into the liberal lie that they can’t see straight. And they don’t know what’s coming if the Democrats win.

God spared us from destruction with Trump’s election. That doesn’t mean I think he’s some kind of messiah or even a great Christian. I don’t know if Trump has been saved by Christ at all. However, he sure has honored God by having prayer meetings with Christian leaders in the Oval Office and by standing proudly for pro-life, no matter what he may have been in the past. If he doesn’t win re-election, you can kiss free America that we know goodbye.

I was just watching a program called Hitler’s Henchmen as I watched how they came to power, how the SA, the Brown Shirts private army of Hitler, went about rioting, causing general mayhem, and bullying people into bowing down to the Nazi movement. I was amazed at the similarities to Antifa and these riots going on now. What’s even more amazing is that there are Americans, mostly Democrats, who are sitting idly by and supporting the lawlessness, thinking that somehow a socialist takeover of our country is for the better. They don’t get it. What Biden, or Bernie, or Hillary, or Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, and all the rest of those lying frauds will give you is Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, or China.

And you think they care about you? You can be this is about power. The next time they get control of the government, the Democrats will fix it, so they never lose control again. They’re trying to do that now with mail-in voting and no voter ID. Hey, wake up, minority people. They say it’s unfair to make you get a voter ID because why? You’re not smart enough to figure out how to get one. Talk about condescending. Talk about racist. Judicial Watch carefully covered the last election and estimated that between 3-5 million votes for Democrats were fraudulent. That’s why they’re against voter ID. If an ID is necessary, your grandfather, who died forty years ago, can’t vote. Wake up!

Well, I guess that will do. I was writing political commentary almost daily back in 2016, and I got so tired following it all that after Trump got elected, I took a hiatus. Now it’s been nearly four years, and I just erupted. I may have to start writing more.