Republican Thoughts on The Democrat Party In 2020

This story was sent to us from a fan of the website. This is a part of the “What Republicans Think” series. The goal of this is to provide Democrats like us a sense of who and what they are dealing with, without having to have a direct confrontation. We will not share the names of the individuals who wrote the related articles in this segment. We hope this helps everyone who would want to better understand the thoughts of these people. We may disagree with them, but we should understand them.

I got into a discussion on a relative’s page with some rather unthinking liberal people. The conversation started about Antifa, went to the KKK, and somehow wound up with this same old nonsense about the Republican and Democrat parties changing positions in the 1940s. They haven’t, and here’s my answer. My response begins with a reply to a comment that Robert La Follette was a progressive Republican at the turn of the last century.
Okay. There have always been conservative Democrats (William Jennings Bryan is one from a hundred years ago.) and liberal Republicans. In the last 30 or 40 years, they’ve become known as RINOs. But these are individuals, not the entire party. There have been changes in the parties as well. The Democrats were originally fiercely for states’ rights and low taxes. Now they are the party of big government and massive taxes. The Civil War of necessity created the big-government Republicans, but today the Republicans are for smaller government and lower taxes. So yes, there are some inner party changes.
The problem is the government has gotten so big it’s almost impossible to rein in, and when W Bush got in with his RINO friends, it started the surge in spending that Obama tripled after saying huge deficits are criminal. The government has become a monster that is out of control.
The difference is this: while both parties initially believed in our Christian heritage and rallied to the flag in WW2, the progressive Democrats have left that heritage behind and even booed God at the 2012 Democrat Party Convention. They look at the Constitution as a living, changing document that they then use to find all kinds of personal rights such as abortion that are not in the Constitution.
They are the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and the welfare state that had created a new dependent minority class and kept them in poverty just as much as when they were slaves.
The Republican party has always been conservative, has ever fought for a return to the original intent of the Declaration of Independence that all men are equal and should be free. The GOP has always acknowledged God and the Christian principles of our Founders and has fought for equal rights for black people and minorities.

Republican Thoughts on The Democrat Party

LBJ pushed through JFK’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the help of a majority of Republicans who voted for it, while a majority of Democrats voted against it. In the 1980s, Reagan’s workfare plan got millions of minorities off welfare and into jobs, and Trump’s economic policy has brought black and Hispanic unemployment levels to their lowest in history before the COVID-19 outbreak.
The Republican party honors God in its platform and respect all life, even babies in the womb. I didn’t say they are without scandal or corrupt bad apples, but the party, in general, acknowledges God and biblical principles. The Democrat party, even though individuals may, does not.
So, no, the parties have not changed much from their roots. Members in the parties have changed, some have switched, and demographically areas like the deep South have changed.
The black community has also changed. MLK was a Republican, and his daughter and niece are still to this day. But somehow race-baiters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright have convinced the black community that they are perpetual victims and need the welfare that the Democrats promise them rather than jobs and an opportunity to pull themselves up out of poverty.
Now we see the results of this victimology. The unjustified death of one black man by a rogue cop who was arrested and charged with second-degree murder has led to three weeks of irrational, violent mobs. They have burned down minority businesses and communities looting and murdering at least 21 people, including three black cops. Where is the rationale in this?

Republican Thoughts on The Democrat Party

They are hurting their people, and for what? To take down a presidency by thug rule? Or, to create chaos and anarchy until the cry babies get their way? To create “new countries” like the great nation of Chaz in the middle of Seattle? In less than a week, it has already turned into a police state, the very thing they are against, with no public services. What will satisfy their sense of justice? Everybody homeless and living on the street?
There is an election in four months. Can’t they wait that long? Can’t they figure it out, get registered and vote the same way responsible, law-abiding citizens do? They aren’t smart enough to do that.
And which party is supporting the criminals? Saying nothing about black people murdered (I thought black lives mattered.) Are surrendering their cities and communities to these fascist hooligans and murderers? Oh yeah, every city with major rioting problems is run by Democrats, who want to defund their police and bow to their new vandal masters.
No, there’s no comparison and not much change. One party is godless and anti-American. The other at least acknowledge God and is very much patriotic and pro-American. For the most part, they’ve always been that way