September 19th I was booked to work as a greeter at a Nissan dealership for a sale they had going on that weekend. I got there that morning and was introduced to all the salesmen and women, and shown where I was to work.

Throughout the day, one of the salesmen and I flirted, making goofy comments at each other. I think I would have said anything that day to get his attention. That evening after work – we all went out to dinner. We sat beside each other and talked, but numbers were never exchanged. I was supposed to be back up there Sunday morning, so I guess I was going to make my move then.

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Around 10 pm I began my 2 hour drive back down the mountain. For the first part of the drive I was thinking to myself how stupid I had been for not at least giving him my number, oh well! Then all of a sudden, all I could see were headlights. I had gone around a curve and another driver was completely over in my lane. There was no time to even hit brakes, we automatically hit. It knocked me out and I woke up as they were cutting the top of my car off to get me out. They rushed me to the hospital in the town I was working in that day. My mother got there late that night, and laying in the emergency room, I told her about him. I said “throw me in a wheelchair, I’m working Sunday!” She must have thought I was crazy. That morning, mom called the dealership and let them know what had happened and that I would be in the hospital for the rest of the weekend, so I wouldn’t be in on Sunday. A few hours later, I received a phone call – as soon as I knew who it was, I about jumped out of my bed! It was the guy I had met Thursday, and he wanted to come see me! yeah baby! Well, he came to visit Friday night, Saturday night, and back Sunday morning to say goodbye. We got to spend a lot of time alone together, and talk about lots of things but I was still afraid I wouldn’t ever see him again. He called me that evening, and we talked forever. We never went a day without talking twice or more and every day he had off work, he would drive two hours to see me!

Since the wreck caused more damage than I hoped for, It would be awhile before I would be walking and driving again. But he’s been by my side, even though I was a stranger to him – he was wonderful.


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I don’t think I could have gotten through it all without him. I am now walking without any braces again, just this week! And we are planning on getting married on sept. 19, 2003 – one year after the day we met.

It’s just amazing how a tragedy like a car wreck, could bring about such a wonderful relationship!

I love you Clayton Stratton!