Sad Love Story

This tragically sad love story starts during a long, rainy week. There was so much rain that it made every day seem gloomy. Susan called and said she was coming up to see me. It was the third time she has driven up to see me that week. I took a train and went to meet her at a seven-eleven that is nearby the train station. When I got there, she was standing alone in the rain under an umbrella when I noticed her. She was not able to find a parking space and had parked her car some distance away. Although she had an umbrella, It was cold and rainy, making her shiver.

It broke my heart, and she looked so weak and fragile in the cold, harsh rain. She was not wearing warm clothes. She saw me and smiled, but as I approached her, I said, “you really should not come here anymore, and we shouldn’t be together.” She said, “I miss you.” I looked as sternly as I could and told her coldly, “Let’s go. I’ll walk you back to your car.” She defiantly closed her the umbrella she was carrying, and I got the hint that she planned to share mine. I looked at her and told her to open her umbrella and said, we need to go.

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She scoffed at me and reluctantly expanded the umbrella, and we walked back toward her car. As we walked, she started to make small talk and told me she had not had a chance to eat anything. She said she wanted to get some food before she drove all the way home, but I coldly denied her and said no. She was disappointed and began walking away from me back to her car, which was parked no place close. Wanting to make sure she was alright and feeling very guilty, I followed close behind while she made her way back to her car. When she got to her car, she got in, trying to get it started so she could quickly drive off.

She looked at me, angry, innocent, and hurting. After the way, I had treated her, and after being together for so long, I knew why. I understood why she felt the way she did, she came all this way, braving the nasty weather only to have me treat her so coldly. Deep inside, I felt guilty once again as she stared at me. I wanted to let her stay for the night, but reality struck again. I spoke up and said coldly, “Let’s call AAA and get you a train home until the mechanic repairs her car.” I told her that she could come to get the car after the mechanic fixed it, but I would not meet her.

This Sad Love Story Started So Well

Susan and I had lived on the same floor of an apartment building when we first met. There were several of us that lived on the same level that had become fast friends. We would eat dinner together, watch movies, and sometimes go camping or out on the town. We were more like a family. I would have never thought that I would fall in love with the only girl on the floor, and I never knew this happy time in my life would become such a sad love story.

We fell in love in that apartment building, living on the same floor. She and I were both attending college and had two years left before we graduated. We ended up moving in together and shared an apartment for the next two years. We loved each other and had a lot of fun together. Once we graduated, she went back home. I decided to get another degree and stayed for one more year, but I took the train to see her on some weekends and holidays. We kept our strong relationship intact despite the 3 hours we lived apart.


Why Lord, Why Me?

We walked along the road, me following right behind. I kept studying this woman with whom I fell in love. I noticed the umbrella she carried had a broken spoke. She looked like a wounded soldier, carrying her rusted rifle as she walked in front of me. I wanted to tell her I was sorry for being a jerk and take her in my arms, but the constant pain in my stomach made me steer the course, and I did nothing. As we walked, we passed by the many places we used to go with our friends. We strode by a park we used to go to together and with our friends. She looked at me beggingly and said, “Let’s go hang out in the park for a while; I promise I’ll catch a train after we hang out for just a little while.”

It is Hard Even To Tell My Sad Love Story

With all of her pleading and begging, I allowed my heart to soften. I still put on an annoyed face, but I nodded yes, and we walked in the park. I was sitting on a bench, being impatient, and making it clear I did not want to be there. She walked over to a huge old oak tree we used to sit under and was searching around, looking for the words we had written on that tree with a red ink pen over a year earlier. If I recall correctly, it said, “Chris and Susan were Here, Chris had Coffee and Susan a frappuccino. Chris and Susan forever.” I noticed she was searching now, becoming frazzled.

I Never Wanted To See Her Cry

She walked toward me, tears rolling down her face. Once she got closer, I could see more tears as she cried out that she could not find it. I felt sour inside, and a jolt of pain flowed into my heart as I had never felt. But the pain in my stomach overrode it, and I continued to pretend that I didn’t care. I said that it does not matter and that we should go, prompting me to pop open my big umbrella. Despite my effort, she defiantly stood there, obviously not ready to go. I could tell she hoped there was some chance left to turn this all around and regain our love.

She looked at me and said, “I think you lied to me when you told me the story about you and the other girl. I know you get frustrated with me sometimes, but I want to change and start over. I kept quiet, staring at the floor, shaking my head while fidgeting impatiently. She could tell I was not going to answer, and we started walking toward the train station. We didn’t say a word to each other, and the silence was numbing and painful.

Sometimes Our Love Means Letting Go

Why on earth would I treat the woman I love so coldly? That requires a little history. Three years ago, my doctor told me I had cancer. They had found it early, and it was curable. Unfortunately, I never told anyone and blew off treatment. I started living my life again and even forgot about the fact that I had cancer. I never went back to my doctor up until a month ago. My stomach had started to hurt for three weeks straight, and a nightmare unfurled.

At first, I thought the pain would go away. However, it did not, and it grew stronger until to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. I went back to the doctor, and an X-ray done showed a large black spot, which proved a truth I was not ready for. I was at a high point in my life, but it was about to come to an end. All I could think about was how I didn’t want the people around me to go through any pain, so I decided to try a last ditch treatment and then commit suicide after it failed.

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

The hardest part would be not to let Susan or anyone else discover my intentions. I could not allow the person I loved more than anyone else know my truth. Susan was young, and there was no reason she should have to go through all of this. To push her away, I made up stories and told her I had an affair. I treated her poorly, and I broke her heart.

However, I felt it was the only way to stamp out many years of feelings. After all, I didn’t have much time. Despite my plans, I had decided to try the treatment the doctor suggested as a last-ditch effort. I was about to lose all of my hair, making it visible. After today, I wanted to ensure it was over, just a half-hour or som ore, and this could all come to an end. That was all I could allow myself to hold in my mind.

No Sad Love Story Has A Happy Ending Including This One

The evening time had passed, and we approached the train station. We both stood there, waiting for the train to arrive, letting our last moments escape in silence. I saw the train approach from far away. A burst of emotion hit me, and I held my tears. I looked down and said, “Please take care of yourself, take good care of yourself.” She didn’t talk, she just nodded lightly and opened her half-broken umbrella. She walked toward the train, pausing as if waiting for me to beg her to stay, and then boarded.

She stepped onto the train, turned to me, and then walked through the doorway. The train’s door closed as a barrier that would separate us forever. I stood by, staring at the train, I saw her through the darkened windows, the love of my life who I was letting ride away forever, however long that would be. The train started to surge forward, and as we stared at each other one last moment through the rain and darkened glass, I finally couldn’t hold my sorrow or the twist in my heart any longer.

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As she rode out of view, I began rapidly waving my arms, chasing after the train, but it was too late. I started crying and yelling, but the train masked my screams as I realized this would be the last time I saw her. I needed to tell her how much I still loved her. If would have only said how much I needed her. But, the train had already turned the corner and escaped with her forever. The warm tears rolled down my face and blended with the cold raindrops.

I let her leave that night, never to hear from her again. The stinging pain of cancer has never overshadowed the pain I felt, letting her walk away. After that day She never came to see me again, and I never heard anything from her. I know it is my fault, I crushed her heart that cold rainy day. She didn’t see my tears that day because I hid them, and when they finally came, they were washed away by the rain as she rode away. As I read this, I feel so much sadness.

Chris is not telling this story but is said by me, Susan. I found his diary a year after we last met, and now, heartbroken and heavy, I know his love for me. I only wish he would have shared his last days with me instead of alone.