Scorpio Astrology Love Compatibility

Your Scorpio Astrology Love Compatibility says that Scorpios have a rep for being total sex bombs – even when you try your hardest not to be a love kitten, you ooze sex appeal. You’re passionate about your loved ones, fiercely loyal and you demand the same in return. You have amazing intuition and just know if someone’s lying to you – especially if it’s your boy/girlfriend. If someone dumps you. you’re strong enough to pick up the pieces and start all over and aren’t above a bit of good-old-fashioned payback – but the smart ones know success is the best revenge.

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Scorpio Perfect Partner

If you’re a typical Scorpio, your best bet for romance is with a fellow Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. These sign are as emotionally sensitive as you, mean what they say, won’t play around and love romancing you. Someone who adores you? Just your style.

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Other Interesting points to note for Scorpio

Planet: Pluto

Color: Red

Gemstone: Topaz

Metal: Iron

Flower: Geranium

Animal: Beetle

Herb: Basil

Cities: Valencia & Sydney

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