Short Love Story

This short love story starts one starry night when a girl & a guy drove home from a night at the drive-in movies. As they drove down an old country road, painful silence made the boy aware that something had gone wrong between them that night.

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The girl asked the boy to pull the car over because she needed to talk to him. She told the boy her feelings had changed and she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him.

The boy was silent a tear sliding down his cheek. The boy reached into his pocket and then slowly withdrew a folded note.

He handed her the not and at that very moment, a drunk driver sped toward them, swerving directly into the driver’s side of the car, killing the boy instantly.

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In some miracle, the girl survived the horrendous crash. While sitting in the hospital, she slowly regained her wits and remembered the note the boy had given her, she pulled it out & read it.

“Without your love, I would die.

Short Love Story, Short Love Story

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