Not only today, but every day of the year,

We need to give thanks for

all the blessings so near.

Some days it may not seem very clear,

But, God has given us

much to be thankful for here.

The fresh air we breath.

A land that’s free.

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Freedom to choose,

Get up, go there, wear this or that,

you really can’t lose.

So many freedoms that we take for granted.

Just living here on this incredible planet.

Safe shelter over our heads.

A warm and comfortable bed.

Clean water to drink, fresh food to eat,

And nice clothes to wear,

Family that loves us, friends that care.

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Jobs to provide us guidence, and plant the seed.

Let’s take a few moments each and every day,

To write down five things

we are grateful for along our way.

For all that we have and all that we will be,

Stems back to very heart of thee.