True Love Story Karma

True Love Story Karma

A man, (looking for love, and the answer to what women want), leaves his one-bedroom apartment, to head off to work on a Monday morning. The man was on routine. First the train, then the office, and then the coffee shop in the evening, before heading home (6 days a week)
as he locks his apartment door, he catches his neighbor, Maurice. Maurice is a Freshman in college. Maurice watches silent movies but is too embarrassed to tell his friends. He also enjoys the ‘crisp’ sound of autumn leaves that he use to trod on as a kid. He wants to be an artist.

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…Maurice had a worried expression on his face.

“What’s the problem Maurice?”, the man asked

“I’m just a little short on cash, that’s all,” Maurice replied.

The man digs into his pocket (knowing Maurice hasn’t eaten a decent meal in days), and hands over a 50 and 20 dollar bills.

“Pay me back whenever,” he says with a smile.

Maurice, gracefully, accepted the money.


Maurice usually walked to school. But with the extra cash today, he could afford the bus ride. He got on the bus, and sat down, next to an older man, and the man’s name was George.

George was an older man. Retired. He had lived through two wars and fought in Vietnam. His friends would call him NUTS. But really, ‘they’ were the ones who were ‘NUTS.’ George misses his friends – all but him, are dead.


…”Excuse me Sir”, asked Maurice

…”WHAT IS IT!!??”, exclaimed George

…”Thank You, thank you”, replied Maurice


…”Well, I see that Vietnam badge on your shirt, and I want to thank YOU for fighting for ME.”…Maurice was the next stop, and he went to school.

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George was sitting there, on the bus, thinking what the young man told him. And all of a sudden, a teardrop and a hollow feeling of warmth/happiness/and sadness hit him. HE FINALLY FELT HUMAN. With this newfound spirit, George called his wife and said, “Marry, I love you.”

Marry met George when she was 15. They were high school sweethearts. She married at 18 and has been his companion in life. However, today was a SPECIAL day. It was the first time she heard those words, I LOVE YOU, from George, in over 40 years.

Marry didn’t say anything. She tried hard, but tears came first, and then, the quaint reply, I LOVE YOU TOO.


It was at 4 pm. Usually, Marry, and her daughter goes grocery shopping, to prepare dinner. But today was a special occasion. She arranged an evening out with George, for a romantic dinner by the sunset. Kate was left (Marry’s daughter), alone for the evening. She decided to go to the local coffee shop and read her favorite book, “What men Want” by Judith Jackson, and the rest of the story, I leave to your imagination…

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