Virgo Astrology Love Compatibility

According to our Virgo Astrology Love Compatibility reading, you are highly strung, shy and can never do enough to please others. In love, you’ve got high standards and would never consider dating someone if they didn’t come up to scratch. With the opposite sex, you usually come across as modest because you lack self-confidence. Some Virgos are the exact opposite but their flirty, out-there behavior is almost always a cover for their insecurity. Once you find someone you can trust, though, you’re a faithful, protective and as a partner, you are very loving – a prize catch!

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Virgo Perfect Partner

If you’re a typical Virgo, you need someone who’s down-to-earth, reliable and doesn’t like unpredictability. They must be fun and easy to get along with, and you’d get bored if he wasn’t your intellectual equal. You’re best bets are Aquarians, Virgos or Capricorns – or super-sensitive Pisces.

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Other Interesting points to note for Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Color: Navy Blue

Gemstone: Stardom

Metal: Mercury & Nikel

Flower: Buttercup

Animal: All domestic pets

Herb: Fennel

Cities: Montreal & Auckland

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